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Halstead Hill Nursery , Halsted Hill. 07/20/0299/F 14 houses, June 2020. Noted discrepancies in developers report, put on hold until financial discrepancies cleared to demonstrate working nursery until lately.

Springfield and Westgate Nurseries, Crouch Lane, 17/19 self build, Now due to be heard on the 29th July 2020. Third time submitted with no changes in application. Refused as no special circumstances and not part of the Broxbourne Local Plan.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Ashfield nursey, 5 dwellings, Newgatestreet Road, June 10th 2020 reduced from 10 as previously refused. permission granted 10th June 2020

White Farm, 9/10 Self builds, St James Road, April 2020

Pendine Nursery, St James Road, potential development, vague number. Ref 07/20/20/I original application March 2020.

Brookwell and Woodham Nursery, St James Road. Application refused by council for another 26 houses. 07/10//0306/O. Note- later applied for continuous general use including stables etc.

Reference for emerging Local Plan:-