Why become a member?

Goffs Oak Community Association keeps members up to date on local issues. Download the membership brochure here.

Community engagement

The Goffs Oak Community Association is a small committee of engaged community members. If you would like to be involved in the committee, one of our sub-committees (Environment, Community Events, Local Planning & Development), don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Committee Meeting

You are welcome to attend committee meetings, just email info@goffsoak.org.uk.

They are open to the public and usually held on the third Thursday of each month from 7pm. Meetings are usually held at the Methodist Church, Goffs Oak. The building is accessible and you will find us in the first room on the left. If you wish to raise an issue of concern, please contact us at least three days before. This is to ensure we allocate time to discuss the issue.

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Once a year, the Goffs Oak Community Association committee holds an annual general meeting for

  • the presentation of a report from the Chair on the
  • Association’s activities over the year
  • the presentation and adoption of the Annual Financial Statement;
    the election or nomination of Officers and Committee Members

GOCA membership 2019

Cash and cheque

Membership is just £2 per household per year. If you are paying by cash or cheque, please enclose the completed form with your payment and hand it to a membership coordinator or drop off at our post box at the Goffs Oak Community Library. Alternatively see leaflet for internet banking details.

What we do for members?

  • Communicate with members via a variety of media, including flyers, website and social media
  • Signpost members towards local events
  • Hold regular committee meetings and General Meetings open for members to attend
  • Represent members at local planning and development meetings, Council affairs, Community Safety and environmental meetings

Our recent achievements

Environment and community activities

We organise and support environment and community activities, like the Great British Spring Cleanup 2019 and annual memorial service.

Community communications

We provide news, up- dates, and activities in and around our community via meetings, our website and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

Local planning and development

We engage with Broxbourne Council on local planning and development, represent the village’s interest in public consultation meetings, etc.

Keep it clean

We keep our village clean by reporting fly-tipping, liaising with Hertfordshire County Council on clearing street furniture, and more.