Become a member

We are only as strong as a community association as the people that make up our community. That’s why we ask each and every one of you to become a member.

What does it mean to be a member? As a member of the Goffs Oak Community Association, you don’t just receive regular communication from the association of issues, topics and things-to-do in and around Goffs Oak. Being a member means you have a voice in electing the people representing the community (the ‘Community Association Committee’) and even become a candidate yourself. All members are invited to our annual general meeting (‘AGM’), where we report on what we’ve achieved over the past year, elect or confirm the committee and open the floor for questions. You can think of it as an AGM-meets-townhall.

Please note that due to the pandemic, the annual AGM will be superseded by the lockdown period for the unforeseeable future.

How do you become a member? We’re asking you to be over 18 years old and pay a modest membership fee of £2.00 per household. Or become a life long member. At £15 it is a bargain! Please complete the form below and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

What do you get as a member? You can have a membership card and if a life long member a certificate. We have replaced the old style newsletters and provide updates via the website which is transferred to Facebook and Twitter. If you subscribe to the website with your contact details, you will receive notification of any updates on the website. Once we have a volunteer to assist with communication we would like to expand and send out updates directly to all of you who have given us your email address.

We do have a notice board on the side of the village hall we can use and we also use the library notice board as a nice and warm environment to read any flyers.

Data Protection and Privacy statement

Goffs Oak Community Association will hold a register withhold your name, home and email address for the intended purpose of contact only. This information will not be shared with any external group under any circumstances and will be kept private and confidential at all times.

The Chair of the Association will act as the Controller of the process with the use of this information. Information will only be used by designated person/s to deliver information relating to Goffs Oak Community Association. If at any time you would prefer not to receive any information, your contact details will be removed and destroyed.