Urgent – Boots Update

Message from Boots - update re opening times and staffing, clearly trying to keep open as much as possible. …...….....…......…...………......……...…...…. Boots have had to change their opening times due to staff shortages, 4 members of our team are having to self isolate due to underlying health conditions Monday to Saturday 10am till 2pm only This … Continue reading Urgent – Boots Update

New police powers – stop the spread of Covid-19

Message from NeighbourhoodWatch New police powers As part of efforts to combat the spread of COVID-19, new police powers will be coming into effect on Thursday (March 26). These measures are being brought in to protect the NHS and save lives. Police are currently working with the Government around the guidance and legislation. From a … Continue reading New police powers – stop the spread of Covid-19

Assistance from Council

Hertfordshire united against coronavirus; all councils in our county are working closely together to launch a ‘Hertfordshire united against coronavirus’ campaign to encourage us all to look out for people in our communities, volunteer our time to support those who may be feeling isolated and make sure we only get information from trusted sources. Volunteers … Continue reading Assistance from Council

Report bad practice – war against those who are exploiting shoppers

Reporting bad practice. Look at this website to see what the government expects from businesses and how to report bad practice. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/cma-statement-on-sales-and-pricing-practices-during-coronavirus-outbreak Let's stand up to any businesses trying to exploit the present situation for significant financial gain, even if it is only a toilet roll! https://cma-553899.workflowcloud.com/forms/c35b9608-b73d-464c-bbfa-0b3ccda758b2