Goffs Oak is a large village in the borough of Broxbourne in Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom. It is situated between Cuffley and Cheshunt, just north of the M25 motorway in a slightly more rural section of the London commuter belt. Or at least, that’s what Wikipedia says.

Goffs Oak is called home by a hugely diverse group of people: those that remember the village through their parents’ eyes as well as their own; those that sought the green and the quiet of the countryside with easy access to London; those that found four walls and a roof to become the place that their children would call home. The list goes on.

Our Goffs Oak is special to each and every one of us in ways that are as unique as our fingerprints. We share a common desire to not only preserve and safeguard what is (see Local Plan Updates) but also to come together to celebrate, grow and strengthen our community (What’s up in Goffs Oak?).

Have you got something to share with the community? Get in touch by sending an email to media@goffsoak.org.uk.

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