The object of the Association is to preserve the rural nature of Goffs Oak to the benefit of the community with particular reference to:-

  • engaging in activities which in the opinion of the Association are beneficial to the community.
  • fostering a relationship between members in the community and others associated with the area.
  • considering Town and Country planning proposals affecting the community individually and at large

How it started

In 1974 alternative proposals were made to route the M25 through Goffs Oak, instead of the present route through Waltham Cross. A group of local residents got together at short notice to fight this proposal.  Fortunately, the proposal was not adopted and Goffs Oak was saved.  Aware of the ongoing need to keep a watchful eye on all matters that might affect Goffs Oak, particularly planning and development, the initial activists crystallised into a more formal group, namely the Goffs Oak Community Association.

Who we are

With over 1,500 members, the Association is the largest community association within Broxbourne and one of the largest community associations in the UK and has played a key role in preserving Goffs Oak’s rural environment.

The Association is not aligned with any political or religious organisations and seeks to represent the views of all residents of Goffs Oak.

What we do

Over the intervening years since its formation, the Association has initiated and/or supported a number of activities in its objective to ensure the preservation of a village environment.  This has ranged from collaborating with the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) to orchestrate objections to large-scale developments on Green Belt land, to the enhancement to the centre of the village around the War Memorial.

By having such an Association, we are able to raise local awareness to issues and by working with local groups, influence and work together as and when required.  We do this by establishing a good presence at Local Council and Neighbourhood Meetings, Consultations and Presentations. We aim to keep Goffs Oak a good place to live.

The Associations Committee consists of a Chair, Secretary and Treasurer plus ten committee members.  All are volunteers and are elected each year at the Annual General Meeting usually in May.  Additionally, we have 25 volunteer Street Representatives across Goffs Oak who support the committee.  The Street Representatives are the lifeblood of the Association, not only distributing flyers, collecting members’ subscriptions and issuing the membership cards, they also provide a valuable feedback letting the committee know of the good things and concerns in their road or area.  This way, we are able to pick up common themes and general opinion. 

What we need

In order to maintain our good work, we need to gather your thoughts and views.  Please complete the attached feedback form. We are looking for feedback on what do you think we do well? What we could do that would interest you? What would you like us to focus on?

You are not obliged to submit any personal details and you can remain entirely anonymous.  However, if you would like a response, please leave your contact details and one of the Team will get back to you.  Please note, any personal details will be kept private and will only be used for the intended purpose of contact.  No information will be shared externally in line with the recent Data Protection legislation.

We are led by a small Committee and run on a voluntary basis.  We are always seeking new committee members and street representatives.  We are looking for members of our community with new ideas and able to take forward those ideas. Why don’t you come along and see if you would like to join us?

Data Protection and Privacy statement

Goffs Oak Community Association will hold a register with your name, home and email address for the intended purpose of contact only. This information will not be shared with any external group under any circumstances and will be kept private and confidential at all times.

The Chair of the Association will act as the Controller of the process with the use of this information. Information will only be used by designated person/s to deliver information relating to Goffs Oak Community Association. If at any time you would prefer not to receive any information, your contact details will be removed and destroyed.