Despite campaigning earlier in the year to prevent charging for the first hour in Goffs Oak Car Park, it has been put in place. So be warned to it is necessary to register via an app. You don’t just need to have a mobile phone you need a smart phone to download an app.

Please check you have enough space in your phone’s memory to download the app. This is not always the case, especially if you have an older phone!

Re disabled bays, There is reportedly only provision for only 2 vehicles. Please check the sign posts for details.

GOCA are very disappointed about this decision as with the new cafe opening and more apartments in the next few months, the whole area is going to become very busy. It is advisory to leave fifteen minutes to sort.

That is of course you have the knowledge and a handset that can download. It should then be easier.

If you would like to give some feedback, please contact one of our councillors, being Peter Moule, Jeremy Pearce or Mark Mills-Bishop.

One thought on “Charging at Goffs Oak Car Park

  1. Well it looks like I shall have to park on the street as I don’t have a smart phone capable of downloading an app and have NO IDEA how to use one even if I did – obviously the older generation has not been considered AT ALL even though we are the ones who probably visit the GP surgery AND the library the most! Now I shall have to contact Peter Moule to complain and as I have cancer I really do not need to have that additional worry!!


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