Although this question has been asked before, there was not a great response. So would really like your input on what you think could be done with the additional green Open Spaces in Goffs Oak. With the recent national and Borough guidance on Open Spaces, this allows these areas to have special protection and importance in local communities.

With so much development for additional housing in the Goffs Oak area over the next 15 years, it is important for us to have our say over the new planned open spaces. One in particular is the site opposite Masons Parade alongside St James Road. If you look at the local plan, it is marked an area for an Open Space.

GOCA has been collecting ideas and of course we are looking for more. An Outdoor Gym appears to be a popular option along with a well lit walkway with seating, where the younger and older generation can sit with friends on a warm evening. What about a bandstand? Lets aim high.

Other ideas have included a Zip Wire, a Running Circuit, Skate Park, a water feature, a wildlife area and luscious evergreen. In other open spaces in Goffs Oak, there are already facilities for younger children that need updating with all weather surfaces. This is a separate matter which are is also important areas for development.

Ask your younger generation who will benefit from the improvements in the future and ask what would like for leisure purposes in Goffs Oak.

5 thoughts on “Use of Open Space in Goffs Oak

  1. Outdoor gym equipment would be brilliant. And also a bandstand/shelter type building where people can get fresh air even in the rain. There is no shelter from the rain at Goffs Oak playing fields.


    1. Something that would appeal to a wide variety of ages – perhaps a water feature with space for wildlife and attractive planting with some covered seating areas. I think there are at least 3 skate parks reasonably locally. We also have to consider what would be easy to look after.

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      1. Worth remembering it is the councils role to maintain so not to block our suggestions. Will put emphasis on whatever gets agreed and if course it will need to be passed as part of the planning application.


  2. Won’t be much good expecting BoB to provide/maintain fountain when already keen to move/get rid of fountain at Old Pond,Cheshunt! We need to remember this open space will be surrounded by crescent of houses so must be respectful of residents. Open green area with seating would be good.


  3. A Skateboard park would be a dream. Skateboarding is creative, sociable and fantastic exercise. Thank yo uso much for all yoru efforts to improve Goffs Oak 🙂


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