Planning and Regulatory Meeting 27th May 2020. The Committee refused permission of the proposed development of 41 dwellings. See below for the Councils notes

The development proposed is considered by officers to be unacceptable in its present form. The siting of the building, its height and significant level of fenestration, which is also at a high level, will lead to considerable overlooking and loss of privacy to adjoining residences.

9.2 In addition the scheme would be sitting within Flood Zone 2 and has not demonstrated that the increased flood risk arsing from potential harm to flood defences could be mitigated.

9.3 Whilst the proposal would provide additional housing within a sustainable location of the Borough, the above harm outweighs any benefit arising from the delivery of houses. Because of the identified harm, the proposal does not benefit from the definition of sustainable development as set out in the NPPF and consequently does not benefit from the national presumption in favour of sustainable development. It is therefore recommended for refusal.

  1. RECOMMENDED that:

(a) the application be refused for the following reasons;

(i) the proposed development would cause material overlooking of the neighbouring cottages to the detriment of the amenity enjoyed by the residents. As such the development would conflict with policies H6 of the adopted Local Plan and DSC1 of the emerging Plan; and

(ii) the development could cause an increased risk of flooding and endanger flood defence infrastructure and it has not been demonstrated through this application that this would be mitigated. As such the proposal is contrary to policies SUS16, SUS17 and SUS18 of the adopted Local Plan and DSC1 of the emerging Plan.


Note the application presented last week for development of the site South of Goffs !ane (C) has been sent to the Secretary of State to take out of Green Belt Land for development

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