Message from Boots – update re opening times and staffing, clearly trying to keep open as much as possible.


Boots have had to change their opening times due to staff shortages, 4 members of our team are having to self isolate due to underlying health conditions 🙁

Monday to Saturday

10am till 2pm only

This will be now until further notice.

If you could, please try not to call the store, we are trying to keep up with the work load we have as well as the added work due to the COVID-19 and having to stop every five minutes to answer a call to see if a prescription is ready really isn’t helping 😫

We would love to be able to deliver everyone’s medication out to them but with such a limited team this is totally impossible and the delivery slots we do have allocated to us are all ready full. So if you could come together as a community and all help look after one-another, help the older residents or family and come to collect for them we would be ever so great full. 🥰

Thank you all so much for your total understanding at this very strange time. We know how frustrating this all is and we are trying to keep everything running as normal. \(Well as normal as I could ever be🤪)

Keep smiling it makes every one wonder what you up too 😜
Warmest regards
Yvonne ( the smiley face on the front counter of the store )

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