COVID – 19

Message from our Local Councillor, Mark Mills-Bishop

The overriding aim is for the health and well-being of residents. Clearly, it is an uncertain time at this stage in the developing Coronavirus epidemic. As active members of community in a position of knowledge I thought it would be helpful to write and seek your support within the community and offer reassurance and help to residents. We have entered the “delay” phase of the epidemic, which means the government are seeking to delay and flatten a peak in infections so those who are most vulnerable can be assured of NHS help if they need it; sensible precautions need to be taken. This is not a reason to be alarmed, because those who may become infected will have a fairly mild ‘flu-like disease. Those most vulnerable include older people with very weakened immune systems and people with long term conditions like diabetes, heart disease and chronic lung disease.

The County Council continue to work with all sectors including, care and health partners, as well as community and voluntary groups to keep residents informed. Hertfordshire County Council have emergency planning meetings happening regularly and each business area is prepared to meet the challenges coronavirus presents. Many people have listened to advice from Public Health England and Herts. County Council. It is clear that more cases will follow and the advice and response by the government will change rapidly.

Through your own website and social media outlets I have shown some useful links; for the most up to date advice – To get updates from the County Council and

Please let me know if there are residents where I can be of tangible help.

Best regards.

County Cllr. Mark Mills-Bishop 

Flamstead End and Turnford Division – Cllr. Goffs Oak

4 thoughts on “COVID-19

  1. Hi, are they any community projects/help groups that I can join to help during the Covid19 lock down/restrictions.

    I work in the Hospitality sector in the West End and have received instruction to Work at home, thus, I have time on my hands to assist those less fortunate.
    I am currently fit and healthy (no symptoms) and can assist with shopping/loneliness/odd jobs around the home/garden – basically anything.

    If nothing official set-up, perhaps you can point me in the right direction to Volunteer?

    Thank you Mark


    1. That is a really nice idea. We will all go quietly crazy staying at home. Murray Scott has planned a litter pick and garden bed maintenance session at the early part April. Depending on future guidance this event may be able to go ahead as ‘social distancing ‘ can be achieved. Keep an eye on the website for any developments. Other than that, one by one, events are being cancelled. This is to ensure maximum safety for all.
      The ‘next door’ app has now a group of over 50 local people offering to help those who are restricting to their homes and may need help shopping and errands. You will have to sign up but it is well worth it.

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    2. There is lots of elderly who need help gardening. If you don’t get snapped up via the next door app, age uk and carers in Herts would love to hear from you.


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