It has been reported that a shooting incident occurred on Moorhurst Avenue on the 21st February at about 950pm where a gunshot went through a window. It is thought that the bullet was fired from afar and was possibly down to illegal hunting as the police found some dead animals.

Don’t forget to visit and discuss concerns with the PSO to who is based in the Community Library one morning a month.

Take care and be safe.

One thought on “Shooting incident on Moorhurst Avenue

  1. re: charging for first hour, is first hour still free at Cuffley Maynards Place? If BoB intend charging, I’d say bit of an own goal if they want people to shop within Borough – drivers likely to pop down to Cuffley – whereas recently Cuffley residents might well be shopping in Goffs Oak as Cuffley library has been closed, Cuffley post office I understand all but closed so Cuffley people might patronise our refurbished post office and possibly our other few shops. That’s if the idiots at BoB stop allowing our shops to be turned into flats.


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