These two applications have resubmitted their applications to build significant number of dwellings, more than the proposed Local Plan. Both may be heard at the 26 February so please keep an eye on for the relevant documents.

One is for 42 dwellings at a busy junction on Newgatestreet Road on a completely green stretch of land, app no. 07/19/0753/F. This is very close to a busy junction with little of no facilities for non vehicle users. Where there is pavements, the condition is poor and don’t support wheelchair users. The proposed development is 30 meters from Masons which has 2 fast food outlets and very busy on Thursday to Saturday.

What has been noted is that the proposed developers Stonebond Properties have presented a petition obtaining local support.  However, all the signatures are from local businesses within a kilometer.  Is that normal?   Does this reflect development Goffs Oak? (There was 8 signatures)

The other application is off Cuffley Hill 07/19/0200/F on Fairfield and Rosemead Nurseries. Also on Green Belt Land.

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