As we all know, car parking in Goffs Oak Village can be problematic. We have a small Car Park to serve the local Health Services, Community Library (the only Library around at the moment due to the temporary closure of Cuffley), and shops. Car users are usually short stops for 1-2 hours to do a spot of shopping and attend appointments etc. and is also used by locals in the more rural spots around Goffs Oak. Any overspill of car users, forces parking on the road, around the very busy Goffs Lane/Newgatestreet Road Junction and also on the lay-by serving a small group of residents. Additionally, with the new Café planned next to the Post Office, more car usage can be predicted in the future.

What is disheartening to hear, there has been some discussion at the Borough of Broxbourne Council Office to bring back charges for the first hour in the Car Park. This is something we really need to have our voice heard. For such small financial gain, why would the Council want to penalise us? and pushing for people to find places to park elsewhere, could compromise safety. We should be providing better car parking, particularly with the possibility of so many developments occurring with the proposed Local Plan. At the moment, we have such tight space as it is and car paring should be taken into consideration with an Improvement/Development Plan for Goffs Oak.

What we would need to do is to start a petition and to collect some feedback. For this we would need some volunteers to assist to collect from local facilities and from our members. Please get in touch either by replying below or emailing direct

One thought on “Parking in Goffs Oak – Fear for the future

  1. Need everyone to come together on this – car park charging is unfair. People need to be able to go to Medical practice without having to pay.


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