The last step of the proposed Borough of Broxbourne (BoB) Local Plan is nearly upon us. The consultation on the main modifications of the Plan is now taking place until Wednesday 19th February 2020.

The plan needs to comply with the criteria in national policy and BoB put forward a number of modifications that included:

  • The reduction in the level of proposed retail floorspace at Brookfield;
  • Deletion of the proposed business campus at Brookfield;    
  • Allocation of Maxwell’s Farm West for business uses;
  • Allocation of a number of small urban sites for residential development;
  • Modifications to ensure that the policies are sound in relation to the natural and historic environment.

It appears that the many of the modifications are surrounding expanding Brookfield, but not all. Even with the expansion of Brookfield, this could have a major impact for our members/residents and genrations to come. This is your opportunity to have a final say. Please look in more detail and submit your comments.

As stated, the public consultation on the main modifications and associated documents has already begun and concludes on 19 February 2020 at 5pm. The nominated Inspector of the proposed Local Plan will consider the representations received before issuing a final report; subject to the findings, the council will then adopt the Local Plan as policy.

To see the supporting documents and response details please follow the link; Hard copies of the documents are available to view in the Council Offices and in the Library. Goffs Oak Community Library has put up a fabulous display and you can leave your comments to be collected or email,

Please note that Cllr. Keith Brown is said to have overall responsibility for the Local Plan; in his role for Planning and Regeneration.

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