Notes from Open Meeting, Lowewood Museum….

The Save Lowewood Museum open meeting organised by the Friends of Lowewood Museum which took place at the URC Hall, Broxbourne on 21 January was very well attended.

Those present were welcomed by the Friends chairman Pat Styles and there then followed a statement by Epping Forest District Council explaining the circumstances which led to them withdrawing from their service level agreement with Broxbourne Borough Council. Hopefully this has put an end to the misconception that EFDC were in some way to blame for the closure of Lowewood Museum.

Friends committee member David Dent read out an open letter to Broxbourne Borough Council from Sir Antony Gormley in which he made a passionate plea for them to think again on the future of the Museum. Mr. Dent then mentioned a series of initiatives which had been implemented, or were being worked on in conjunction with the Hoddesdon Society. Many of the proposals produced useful comments and valuable input from those present. He also thanked the Wormley and Turnford Society, FOSTA and the Goffs Oak Residents Association for their support. A large number of Borough schools were also being very supportive.

Before and after the meeting Save Lowewood Museum t-shirts and bags were on sale and there were a large number of campaign posters and flyers available for people to take away.

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