Something strange happened yesterday…….The GOCA was alerted a meeting that was being held in Churchgate, Cheshunt. Broxbourne Bourough held a Cabinent meeting and Lowewood Museum  was on the agenda.

Two Committee members hot-footed down to sit in the Public Gallery in the Council Chamber. There were many local people from Hoddesdon and supporters of the Museum, who were clearly upset as the plan is for the Museum to close. We were shocked that this decision had already been made as we appear to have very little facilities in the Borough of Broxbourne for educational and cultural purposes. How can this Museum be forced into closure when it is named as the showcase for the history of the Borough of Broxbourne back to prehistoric times.

Whilst the members of the Public was not part of the meeting and not allowed to have any input, the actual Committee clarified a couple of points including the ongoing costs of the Museum. It was reported that to pay for the Museum, the costs to Council Tax payers would be up to 11 pounds per household. However it was made clear that a substantial amount would be the administrative costs. The administrative costs would be just to free up the Council funding. It was also said that the Museum would cost an additional 65000 pounds per year. The Committee voted not to support further funding.

Whilst looking at other avenues of funding it appears that Epping Forest Council has been extremely supportive with the overall management of the Museum. There is also evidence of up to 2.5 million pounds given by the National Lottery Fund but required Broxbourne Borough to implement certain improvements. Is this not the only Museum in the Borough of Broxbourne?

With only 15 days to go to the year 2020 and Hertfordshire plans for the year to showcase Hertfordshire as a county of creative and cultural opportunity. With their catchy ‘HYOC2020’ promoting the year, the closure of the only Museum is a disaster. With September allocated to celebrate ‘Heritage and History and Meeting the Maker’. What will Broxbourne Borough have to celebrate? The Museum also available runs, study days, school workshops and memory boxes. What will happen to these? Where will the young to go to find out about the Borough of Broxbourne? What will happen next??

Look at to comment on their Blog.

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