See below for advice from neighbourhood watch

We have been alerted to two scams.

First alert

The scam happens when you are approached by someone who pleads with you to help them with a parking meter that won’t accept their foreign card.

They ask you to use your card to make their car park payment, and they will give you the cash.

Once you have entered your card and PIN number, your card will not come out of the machine. They have used a device to capture it.  They ring who they say is the meter company who tells you they will send an engineer to fix the machine and will contact you later to return your card. 

Once you have left, they retrieve your card and use it.

Second alert

We are have been experiencing a “spike” in the number of reports of scam telephone calls where the caller is claiming to be a police officer.  
In the recent series, the caller claims that the money in your account is counterfeit. 

They ask you to assist the ‘police investigation’ by withdrawing money from your bank account and handing it to someone who will attend your house to collect it. 

You may be told not to trust the bank staff and to use a cover story if you are questioned about why you are making the withdrawal.
Some fraudsters ask you to dial another number to speak to someone to corroborate their story. 

In reality, the phone line is held open and you simply speak to the fraudster’s accomplice.  
While many people recognise these as scam calls, some people – particularly those who are elderly or vulnerable – have fallen prey to the highly persuasive nature of these fraudsters and have lost money. 

It is therefore vital that these people in particular are aware of the scam, so we are asking you to share this advice with anyone who may be vulnerable to this crime.

We would like to stress that the police or your bank would never ask you to withdraw large sums of cash and hand it over to anyone, nor would police ever ask you to move your money to another bank account. 

If you are suspicious of a call you receive, please hang up and report it to police, on our Police Non-Emergency number 101 or online
If you are concerned about the money in your account, you should contact your bank by visiting your local branch or by contacting them on their published number.

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