See below for another application in Goff ‘s Oak Village

Case Details
Reference Number07/19/0835/F
LocationLand To The South Of Goffs Lane Goffs Oak Hertfordshire En7 5Hj
ProposalDemolition of existing buildings and erection of 51 dwellings alongside public open space, landscaping, parking, new access, pumping station and other associated infrastructure (Resubmission 07/19/0132/F)
Applicant Name
Agent Name
Application StatusRegistered
Case OfficerChenge Taruvinga
Received Date30/09/2019
Valid Date01/10/2019
Consultation End Date23/10/2019

Please submit your comments to Broxbourne Bourgh. The CPRE has already submitted a letter questioning its viability in the light of the proposed Local Plan.

4 thoughts on “New application submitted for proposed development on the old Mannings site, Goffs Oak. 07/19/0835/F

  1. Live right on top of this proposed development and have to read about it and comment via Twitter!!!!! Not happy why have locals not been informed via post your able to post leaflets non stop when there is a local election and councillors want our support. Disgraceful many residents are elderly and will have no access to social media!!!

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    1. Don’t forget GOCA is a voluntary group and not part of the Council. Does the council not have to write to all locals ‘re such applicafions? If you are so close to the proposed development, contact the planning Dept. and challenge. Surely the application should not be presented if the locals have not been informed?


  2. Hi. Since our back windows (Doverfield) overlook this site we were advised by post of this re-application. We have emailed an objection, as we did previously, but you can’t help thinking they will go on and on applying until they get their way. The proposer has obviously already committed quite a sum of money when you see the detailed architect’s drawings on the plan so you can’t help but think he wants to drive it through whatever. This will be a disaster as far as we and our neighbours are concerned, There soon won’t be any Goffs Oak Village left, as they seem determined to make it into another Milton Keynes. I have only recently moved here and become aware of your association. What more can we do to prevent this and other small developments like this from happening.?


    1. GOCA has recently written a letter to the Minister of Housing, Communities and Local policy regarding concerns on potential over development and lack of resources to support including roads and transport. We also have a GOCA member who is proactively writing to key people in local and central government.
      We need as many as possible to comment on proposed developments at every opportunity. GOCA aims to advertise on our website once aware. But the most direct method is by the Council Website. All new applications come out on a Monday. The address for Broxbourne council:- and go to the planning section.
      Another opportunity to have your say is coming up in the proposed Local Plan what has been to the Secretary of State. It is due to be sent out for its final consultation. Don’t miss it.


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