GOCA has been following potential Building Developments in Goff’s Oak and has recently managed to get an informal update with potential and actual sites. This causes us some concern as will have a big impact on our Green Belt protection. Our major concerns include the impact of the increase in traffic, the state of the surrounding roads, increased flooding, air pollution, the lack and/or absence of public transport, poor footpaths and cycle Lanes, the lack of Parking and inadequate Community facilities.

Along with the 62 dwellings off Crouch Lane which will finish at the end of the year, the Whiskers shop, C E Edwards, Tina and part of In-ex sites have permission to develop, 8+23 +80+ 101 dwellings along with a 76 bedded Care Home and café. There is also applications for 45 dwellings on the Mannings site (withdrawn at the moment), 58 on Fairmead/Westmead Nurseries (potentially to be considered at the Planning and Regulatory Meeting, 12th November) and 45 opposite Masons Parade, Newgatestreet Road.

This is all in addition to the proposed Rosedale Park development of over 840 dwellings, a primary school and retirement Village and the Oakfield site. Goff’s Oak could become a very busy place.

This appears to be well over what is required by the National guidance on 5 year housing supply. We would encourage everyone to go the BoB website, http://www.broxbourne.gov.uk go to the planning search and comment on individual applications as come up. The only one out for commenting on at the moment is the Newgatestreet development for 45 houses (only 25 was mentioned in the proposed Local Plan). This is the full application so is the last time for you to comment. The reference number as previously stated on the 9th September is 07/19/0753/F.

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2 thoughts on “Impact on Goff’s Oak

    1. Attend th Goffs Oak community Forum run by the council for an update for the changes along the A10 having a controlled zone.


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