Only this week, a new application has been put forward by Broxbourne Council for development as part of the drafted 2016 Local Plan. This plot was originally identified as the GO4 plot in Newgatestreet Road, close to the centre of the village on the junction of St. James Road. This is for an open space area, an increase to 42 dwellings with car parking.

In the drafted Local Plan, this site was originally outlined for 25 dwellings. This has vastly increased by 68 per cent! This is similar to what has happened in other sites in Goffs Oak. For example – Site GO2 included Tina (Valley View) nursery and the In Ex site. In the drafted Local Plan, it was indicated for only 80 dwellings. It appears now up to 281 dwellings plus a Care Home for 75 residents.

The proposed development on Newgatestreet Road would be close to the amenities on Masons Parade and need to exit close by. This may add to the traffic, particularly on a Friday night, it is already a serious ‘Bottleneck’ for vehicle users.

Go to to view Borough of Broxbournes website for full details. The transport statement is particularly interesting as refers to the planned signalised junction at the Goffs Oak roundabout, as part of Herts County Council Transport Strategy. On page 8, there is a table demonstrating how there will only be an increase in traffic on Newgatestreet Road by 1.5 per cent and nil on St. James Road. The table predicts that for the morning rush hour 8-9am, 4 vehicles will enter the proposed development and in addition to those 4 vehicles if they depart, only a further 9 vehicles will leave. It can be presumed all other residents will walk, cycle or rely on the 1-2 public buses available that hour.

GOCA would suggest to its members to comment on this application and state your concerns.

It is worth noting, that the actual drafted Local Plan, is only due to go out for consultation itself, within the next few weeks.

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