On Wednesday 24th July, a number of Committee members attended the Planning and Regulatory Meeting.  The Planning Department had two planning applications to present being the In-ex site, known as GO2 on the drafted Local Plan and the Woodham Nursery on St James Road.  Whilst both of these sites are within Goffs Oak and despite promoting on the GOCA website referring to the details on the Broxbourne Website – www.Broxbourne.gov.uk, there were very few people present at this meeting.  

This was a good meeting to attend as not only did we hear about the planning applications, we were also fortunate to have an update on the larger applications in Goffs Oak, as one  of our Ward Councillors asked for an update on all of the local Planning Applications.  This was great for us, as at our AGM at the beginning of July, we could not get an update and we were not happy.

What we found out

  • The outline application on the In-ex site, for the proposed 105 Assisted Living Apartments, a Care home for 79 residents, retail facilities including a Café was approved.  This will now go to the Secretary of State as in the Green Belt.  It is worth keeping an eye on this application.  If the Secretary of State supports, a full application will need to be submitted.  This will be another opportunity to comment, in particular to maintaining openness, space, good and safe access and adequate parking. 
  • The proposed site for 26 large dwellings on the Woodham Nursery site on St James Road was refused. 
  • The approved application for the Tina Nursery  is sitting with the Secretary of State.
  • The approved application for CE Edwards site on Cuffley Hill, known as GO5 on the drafted Local Plan is sitting with the Secretary of State.
  • What we know as the Manning Site, GO3 on the drafted Local Plan map is under discussion with the Planning Department.
  • The application for the Fairmead and Westmead is still with the Planning Department and is under discussion with the applicants.  There has been some mention the application will be presented September or later.  See Note below. 

Other proposed developments include;

  • The applciation for Highview Kennels has been approved and sitting with the Secretory of State.  This is for 10 large dwellings and car parking.
  • The site on Small Acre Nursery, Crouch Lane is under development.  Whilst this was not part of the Local Plan, the application was approved and Crest Nicolson has created the access Road off Argent Way and the first of the 59 dwellings has been built.  Crest Nicolson is selling the dwellings off-plan.  This includes the 40 per cent for affordable housing, of which 8 dwellings is for key workers.

Note; There is a growing group of residents who are working hard to preserve our Green Belt, specifically around the site of Fairmead and Westmead Nurseries.  This is an area of land, that has been self-cultivating and there is now an abundance of fauna and flora.  If you would like to get involved and support in the first instance, contact us by completing the form below or email us contactus@.org.uk

Further reading

Whilst GOCA uses the website to update our members, for up-to-date information should be available via Broxbourne Council website www.broxbourne.gov.uk.  Just go to the Planning section or use their Search engine.  Note the Broxbourne website has just been re-formatted.  A top-tip – If you are looking for a particular application, try and keep a record of the reference number to make it easier.  If you do comment to any application, you should get an invite to the public meeting when the application will be presented.

Breaking News

Further  details has been made available on the Emerging Local Plan on the Broxbourne website,  This is the direct link to what has been uploaded today.    https://ex.broxbourne.gov.uk/resident-planning-and-building-planning-policy-development-plan/latest-news-and-updatesaking

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