For those who can remember and had studied the Borough of Broxbournes drafted Local Plan. It is now three years later and the plan still seems to be quite far away from being agreed. An Independent Review was carried out last year and the Plan sent to the Secretary of State. GOCA is now, in the process trying to find out what are the next steps.

In the meantime, we have noted that in the original drafted Plan, there was reference to an Improvement Plan for Goffs Oak (GO1). Despite three years passing, it appears there has been little progress. As always, GOCA has aimed to engage in local matters and aware of the need to have a good relationship with others, so to strive for what is best for Goffs Oak. For this reason, we are looking for:-

  1. Three of your thoughts/ideas of what can be done to improve Goffs Oak
  2. Some key people to come together to agree and put forward those ideas.

The good news to start off with, is that GOCA has secured a time and date in September to meet with key Council representation. The aim is to meet with a view to put together an Improvement Plan for Goffs Oak, so this is not an opportunity to be missed.

Take this opportunity to share your thoughts with an aim to acheive!

Please contact us via the website, Facebook or by local post! You can drop off your details at the Community Library who have kindly agreed to keep a snazzy post box for us!

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