Theft of Disabled Badges

The Police have reported  a small increase in thefts of disabled badges from vehicles and have asked that disabled badges are removed from your vehicle when it is not in use and store it securely.

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National Insurance Number

The Police have advised to be aware of treating phone calls, such as recently people have

told that they will prosecued for have an incorrect national insurance number! If you get any phone calls that ask you for imformation or threaten you they are a scam.  Do not get into conversation with them but ask them “Who gave you permission to ring me as it is against the law” keep repeating it until they hang up.

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Theft of Lead and Brass

Following the recent theft of a significant amount of lead from the roof of a historic Hertfordshire church, the police are asking residents who live near to churches to be alert to any suspicious activity around our local churches.  The recent theft is part of an ongoing series of thefts of lead from church roof’s across the UK, causing damage to these historic buildings and costing a significant sum to repair and replace.

It can be easy to assume that vehicles parked near a church are carrying out authorised work, but this may not be the case.  Watch out for vans or estate cars parked near to church buildings, particularly at times of the day when the church is not usually in use.

The police are asking people to take an interest in their local church whilst they are out and about.  If you are in the vicinity of the church, please don’t ignore anything that you think looks out of place – report anything you think may be suspicious to the police.  Please pay particular attention if anyone is climbing onto the outside of the building.  If you believe a crime is in progress, please dial 999.  By pulling together to be vigilant, we can deter thieves and help keep our historic local buildings safe.

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