These Ladies have been working hard and has gone from strength to strength.  Only hope that the Woodside School Governors are listening!
Since the original consultation  back at the beginning of the year, lots have been going on.  The school finally responded to the pre action letter by the campaigners and reopened the consultation for parents for a further 2 weeks.
Parents Group have just carried out a survey to find out exactly the opinion of the parents of Woodside School.  The survey had an impressive 87 responses.  The results showed that 87% of the parents wished for a parent ballot on whether at this particular time it should become an academy and also should Woodside School be taken over by the Ivy Learning Trust.  The results of the Survey showed that 72% do not even want to join Ivy learning trust, which is worrying.  The results have been checked by a GOCA Committee member and can be seen on the link:- Survey Data
Additionally, the Parents Group reported their concerns regarding the previous accuracy of the parent representation on the Board of Governors.  This now at the last minute appears to have been resolved.  Woodside School have opened up a round of new parent governor nominations/elections.   For your information the present Governor status can be checked on the school website and also
For further information regarding the school academy application status and process, here is the link for the Woodside School Academy consultation    If unable to gain access directly, just cut and paste the link and pop into your browser window.
The campaign continues so to allow parents to vote on their children’s future.The Parents Group are holding silent protests at the top of Jones Road.  If you see our Ladies of Goffs Oak, give them a wave!  Their concern is that an internal vote by the panel of Governors is not suffice and a good solution for everyone to conclude this situation is for full parent engagement in the decision making and a parent survey and transparent ballot is held by the School.
If you would like to contact the Parents Body the email address is;-

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