As reported on previously, a group of parents of Woodside School has been campaigning to prevent the school becoming part of a Multi Academy, which will be owned by Ivy Learning Trust.  The Parents Group have worked extremely hard and have made significant progress.  After almost three months of campaigning challenging the consultation process, the Department for Education withdrew the Academy Order application.  Was that in response to the Parents Group seeking advice and with potential legal action looming? 

It could be said that the group had had a degree of success and a great deal of interest  generated, including Local and National Press.  However, the School has decided to re-start the Consultation all over again.   So it seems the Parents Group has still much work to be done.  The Parents Group hope that this time there will be good engagement with parents through meetings, an open dialogue and  will allow an opportunity for further questions and answers to address concerns.

The Parents Group has already started a paper petition to find out whether parents and staff are for or against Woodside to becoming an academy under Ivy Learning Trust.  This way all parents and staff have the right to be balloted on this choice.  For further information, contact:- 

See below for the video of the Public Meeting held in Goffs Oak Village Hall on the 24th April 2019.



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