The Campaign to protect Rural England (CPRE) (Herts) have come up trumps again. A letter has been submitted objecting to the planning application to develop the site on Fairmead Nursery, Cuffley Hill,  for residential use. On the Broxbourne Map showing  the areas for potential development, this area is coded as GO5.

The site is part of our Green Belt and was originally identified in the Borough of Broxbourne Local Plan to develop for residential use. However, CPRE (Herts) reports that the independent review of the proposed Local Plan objected to remove this site from the Green Belt.  This appeared to be ignored as on the contrary, an application has been submitted and actually increased to build  for 58 dwellings. This would mean on this backland site an increase of 120% per cent. A second issue worth noting is that there are also several mature trees subject to TPOs.  

Lastly, another concern is related to the planned entrance onto the B156. The design is via a lay-by and will mean 3 junctions next to each other.  It does not stop there, with still interest to sell off more land in the immediate area for residential use, could see a fourth access point.  This does not seem to be a  safe and/or usable plan. For full details of CPRE (Herts) letter click on the link below.

Fairmead, 90 Cuffley Hill, Goffs Oak – CPREHerts 2019-04-24

Screen Shot 2019-04-28 at 18.00.53


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