Message from our neighbouring Northaw and Cuffley Residential Association 



We have been advised by one of our members that they were wrongly issued with a penalty charge notice for parking in Tesco Cuffley car park. The car was briefly there one morning and returned again briefly late afternoon. The company which operates that car park assumed the car had been parked there all day and issued the notice. The residents were able to prove their car was parked on their drive at home throughout the day but only because, fortuitously, they have CCTV there.

Although the company cancelled the charge notice there was only a one sentence notification without any apology.

We are alerting residents to this issue and asking if others have had the same experience. If so, we would be pleased if you would provide brief details including dates, circumstances and whether the charges were cancelled or maintained.

Take  care

5 thoughts on “Parking charges at Tesco Cuffley

  1. I was issued a ticket at Tesco Hammond Street in Stockbridge Close by PCM (UK) Ltd (not in the car park). I understand they have been employed by the landlord. Several other people have received them, one woman was going to court over it. No ticket was left on my car, I was advised by post several days later. I have been advised not to pay and appeal the ticket.


  2. Have just received a PCN for exactly the same situation, have appealed online and wasted half an hour doing so! I’ve requested that they sort this issue out and apologise immediately. Will see how I get on.

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  3. I received a PCN relating to 27+ hours parking in Tesco Cuffley! I entered the car park to use the ATM at 7:50 on 7/6/19, they have photographed my vehicle on entry but not on exit. On Saturday 8/6/19 they show my vehicle exiting the car park at 10:53 having popped in there for some milk, but no entry! I have submitted an appeal today but have yet to receive so much of an acknowledgement.

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    1. Received a letter Thursday 20th from CIvil Enforcement Ltd stating this PCN had been cancelled, no civil apology though!


  4. I thought it was two hour parking at Tesco’s Cuffley andhave received a parking ticket. Today checked and there are numerous signs saying one hour parking but I did not see one when I parked on the 27th December. When did they put up the new signs?


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