Two committee members of the Goffs Oak Community Association attended the Broxbourne Community Safety and Environmental Forum on 27th March 2019.
There was a presentation given by Duncan Jones, representing the Hertfordshire Waste Partnership – Fly Tipping Group.
He gave us a comprehensive talk on all aspects with regard to fly-tipping – including, the proliferation of unlicensed waste disposal operators, the definition of fly-tipping, how to report any instance of fly-tipping and and the responsibility of various agencies to prosecute offenders.
There were around 12,500 fly-tipping instances dealt with by the Hertfordshire County Council, during 2017 / 2018, at a cost to rate payers of £1,000,000.  The clean up cost amounted to £141,463.  Also, Broxbourne Council received 754 complaints during 2016 / 2017 and 686 during 2017 / 2018. 

The Boroughs in Hertfordshire are committed to try and prosecute as many fly – tippers as possible.  Broxbourne Borough Council has the highest success rate in the County.  Just under 50% of all the prosecutions have been achieved in our Borough.

There was also a presentation give by Roy Stammers, Herts Constabulary.  There would appear to be a slight drop in residential and commercial burglary.  Vehicle crime shows a small increase.
Peter Linkson from the Broxbourne Council provided information on the proposal to implement a borough wide public space protection order to tackle off road motor bikes and verge parking.

This was a very informative meeting

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