The Borough of Broxbourne is holding GOFFS OAK and  WEST CHESHUNT  AREA FORUM starting at 7PM, 03 APRIL 2019.  This meeting will be attended by representatives of Broxbourne Borough Council and local Police officers. This is your opportunity to talk to them about improving the quality of your local environment. Please attend and make a difference!   Any resident wishing to discuss a specific issue is asked to raise this with the Council/Police representative immediately prior to the main meeting. Officers will be available to deal with such queries from 6.30pm. Following the Pre-meeting surgery (see note above) – 6.30pm-7pm. The AGENDA will then consist of :-

2. Welcome and introductions

3. Improving your local area (a) Update on policing priorities for the area (b) Local small scale community safety and area improvement schemes (c) Local Plan Inspector’s report (d) An update on proposed developments an In-Ex and Rosedale Park

4. Briefing on items and issues of local interest (a) WW1 Statue – Project Tommy (b) Broxbourne’s Year of Young People (c) Forthcoming spring/summer town centre events and community events programme (d) Forthcoming local elections May 2019 (e) Resident Items

5. Date of Next Meeting


This is another opportunity to catch up with local affairs and have your say!

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