This week a full application was out on the Borough of Broxbourne website for 58 dwellings, reference number 07/19/0200/F. This is on the site at the back of C.E.Edwards on the old Fairmead and Westmead Nurseries, Cuffley Hill.

It is worth noting on the proposed Local plan, it appears the original plan was for 28 dwellings not 58.

In terms of the effect on traffic, the Transport document have statistics that seem to indicate an increase of over 2 % onto Cuffley Hill/Goff’s Lane. With the sites in Goff’s Oak including Gaps Valley and In-Ex, traffic is going to increase significantly.

Why not comment on the planning application and have your say.

4 thoughts on “Application for development on the Fairmead and Westmead Nurseries (behind C. E. Edwards) Cuffley Hill

  1. Stop building ! We cannot sustain this growth!!!!
    We need a community for our children not tracffic jams and concrete jungles with pollution !
    Also need to understand the impact on the wildlife!


  2. Goffs oak cannot cope with any more traffic! Its easier getting on the M 25 than getting out onto Cuffley Hill!! We have lost a lot of wild life, you build more houses you lose birds, bees that polinate fruit trees and vegetables, plus flowers!
    Drs surgeries are unable to take more patients on. We have to wait at least 3 weeks for appointment.! Schools!!! no places for children now!!


  3. The construction work begins at 8 in the morning and continues all day long. The noise is interminable. Yes the council have screwed up again and it suggests they will not be satisfied until Goffs Oak and Cuffley becomes one place. They have destroyed the beautiful country life around here, they have destroyed the flora and fauna and the wildlife that was once so prevalent. We regularly saw dear, foxes, rabbits and an abundance of birds also the bats are diminishing which I thought were a protective species.


    1. Make sure you object to the development planned on the old Rosemead and Fairmead sites. I do believe it is under reference no. 07/19/0200/F. Have your say where it will be registered


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