The Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) Herts continue to support Goffs Oak preserving the rural nature to the benefit of the community.  The CPRE Herts has again stated their objection to a proposed large number (17) of self build plots in Goffs Oak.  The original appplication was turned down by our councillors as there are no special circumstances to build on our Green Belt. 

For details of the planning applications, go to the Borough of Broxbourne website and on the left hand side go to the Planning search section and enter  Application No. 07/19/0021/O to view planning documents.    The original application for up to 19 plots viewed,  Application No. 07/18/0027/O.  In this particular application in a separate Planning Statement, includes reference to decisions made by the Council which the applicant considers to set precedent.  This is fearful for the likes of Goffs Oak as such developments could pop up anywhere in the Green Belt.  It is worth noting that such proposed developments referred to as ‘windfall’ developments as additional to the proposed sites in the emerging drafted Local Plan. 

This may be a time to talk to your councillor and have your say!


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