Many of us use this station on a regular basis and welcome the opening of Leo’s cafe Southbound platform. It is on the site of the old Minicab office.  The owner Engin also runs the cafe at Enfield Chase Station, so is well experienced.  The opening hours in Cuffley will be 0600-1500hrs with a later start on Saturdays but closed on Sundays.

Great news: Direct Debit and Credit Card are accepted.

Good news: Debit and credit cards are accepted with no minimum amount and also that you don’t need a train ticket to use the café!

3 thoughts on “Cuffley Train Station Café

  1. Good Morning
    Ive seen that the coffe shop that used to be at cuffly station is still not open and was just wondering if this unit would possibly be available to rent please?
    Kind Regards

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    1. The Coffee Shop at Cuffley – Leo’s – is open for business. Is that what you mean? We wouldn’t be able to help you with renting the space, we’re representing the Goffs Oak Community Association and use this platform to share news, updates, and information relevant to the people of Goffs Oak.

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  2. OK but is it really necessary to have disco music blasting out the door all the the commuter rush hour, everyone has to shout to try an order made, and I cannot be alone in NOT wanting to have very loud disco music blaring across the platform at 630. It’s so loud it must be effecting local residents.

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