The next Planning ana Regulatory meeting  is scheduled to take place at the Council Offices in Cheshunt this coming Tuesday, 18th December 2018, starting at 1900hrs. There is a packed agenda and includes 9 applications for building and development within the Borough of Broxbourne, all of which appears to be outside the proposed Local Plan. Could this  be what is referred to as ‘windfall’ sites and therefore additional to the proposed sites that is outlined in the LocaL Plan? 

Click on link  to gain access to the papers that includes Agenda, Minutes and applications for determination.  You may have to cut and paste into your browser for access.

The 3 applications that is of particular interest to our members and residents of Goffs Oak is the  proposed 23 dwellings on Ashfield Nursery, Newgatestreet Road, a resubmission for 163 dwellings and new football grounds on the Cheshunt Football Grounds site and an amended application  for an already approved  development for 3 properties on Rosebury Farm, Crouch Lane.  

It is the proposed development at the Ashfield Nursery site, Newgatestreet Road that has raised local interest and concern and Herts CPRE has objected on the grounds being inappropriate within the Green Belt and would result in harm to the openness of the Green Belt, which would not be clearly outweighed by any special circumstsnces. Whilst it is recommended that this application is refused, it is dependant by the votes on The night.  Why not come along to show your support.  If you come early, you  should be able to get car park in and a hot drink.

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