On behalf of the community in Goffs Oak, the Goffs Oak Community Association attended the Broxbourne Community Safety & Environmental meeting in November 28, 2018. Here are some of the notes we took away:

Air Pollution

A presentation and update were given by the Council with regard to Air Quality in the Borough of Broxbourne.  The Council is taking this issue very seriously and the Council have implemented various procedures in order to comply with Government requirements. The department — namely ‘Air Quality Management’ — have positioned 38 nitrogen dioxide diffusion tubes throughout the Borough in order to ascertain pollution levels. There are currently seven sites that are exceeding maximum levels as required by Central Government. Two of these sites, however, have improved and they will shortly be taken off the critical list.

The five sites that are exceeding maximum levels, as required are:-

A) Waltham Cross (Near M25).

B) A121 Eleanor Cross Road, Waltham Cross.

C) Monarchs Way, Waltham Cross.

D) Wormley High Road.

E) A10 from M25 to College Road.

The area that is giving the Council the greatest concern is the A10.  A comprehensive business case ( the final plan ) will have to be presented to DEFRA ( Department for Environmental, Food and Rural Affairs) by 31st October 2019.  Idle traffic on the A10 is a significant cause of air pollution.  It was pointed out that the Hertfordshire County Council has a responsibility to reduce air pollution on the A10.

Crime in the area

There was also a quarterly update on crime, within the Borough.  Herts Constabulary reported that there has been a 2.6% increase of crime-related incidents over the past 3 months in the Borough of Broxbourne.  This is slightly higher than the 1% being reported for the County.  It has been reported that there has been an increase in burglary offences affecting both residential and commercial premises.  There has also been a ‘short-term’ rise in vehicle crime.  A member of the public reported that there seems to be a trend of counterfeit goods been sold in the Borough.  The police are aware of this.

Any feedback most appreciated.

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