CPRE Herts has been in attendance at the Hearing Sessions that have been taking place as part of the Borough of Broxbourne’s proposed Local Plan 2016-2033 Independent Review.  CPRE Herts has continued to support Goffs Oak and surrounding areas to protect Green Belt Land and for Goffs Oak to maintain the rural character to the benefit of our community.  See below for one part of CPRE Herts  responses regarding the proposed Local Plan, questioning the housing development needs and land supply, whether justifiable, effective and if consistent with the National Guidance.


Conclusions on Housing Land Supply

Inspectors Question: How many dwellings in total could reasonably be expected to be delivered on committed sites and local plan sites and through windfalls and self build in the period 2018 to 2033?

CPRE Herts Answer: Broxbourne Council’s calculation of completed development (492), commitments including housing under construction (1,061) when added to the total set out on Urban Capacity that can be built on non Green Belt land (2710) and likely windfalls (1,200), shows that over 5,460 dwellings can be built in the Plan period without removing any land from the Green Belt that does not already have planning permission. Using the Council’s estimate of windfalls, rather than CPRE’s, that total would still be 5,100.

These figures do not include ‘self-build’ units, which we support in principle but not on Green Belt land unless very special circumstances exist at the time of an application, when they would be treated as windfalls.

The supply figure of 5,460 dwellings we refer to above is only 210 dwellings less than the total dwelling need figure for the Borough using the new household projections even before applying the constraint policy requirement of NPPF paragraph 14 in order to determine a housing target, and without development of any of the Local Plan Green Belt sites that the Council has not already permitted.


To see the full content of CPRE Herts letters supporting and protecting our Green Belt Land, go to Broxbourne website where there is all the an indexed list of examination documents for each stage of the independent examination. 












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