As many of you are aware, the Borough of Broxbourne’s proposed 15 year Local Plan is at present under scrutiny.  A number of hearings are taking place with key people, with an Inspector reviewing the Boroughs proposed Local Plan. This is an independent review and if you had managed to comment during the consultation period you may have been invited to be part of the ’round the table’ discussions.   These discussions have been taking place during the month of October and will continue during the month of November.

Whilst all the information is on the Borough of Broxbourne’s website, with the plethora of information it can be difficult to find exactly the section you may be interested in.  However, with their search engine, it is well worth going through and you can still attend the meetings as part of the public gallery.It is always good to show support to particular aspects of the proposed Local Plan.

Particular aspects to be discussed and debated includes plans for a new secondary school, travelling peoples showground sites and potential reuse of green belt land for residential use.

Here is a link for the councils latest changes to the proposed local plan, that is to be presented to the Inspector (Head of the Independent Review) under Matters 10 being the infrastructure matters.

This is due to take place on Wednesday 7th November commencing 1400hrs at the Council House in Churchgate, Cheshunt.  Why not come along particularly if you are interested about the proposed plans for a secondary school, travelling showpeople and/or scaling down the green belt land for residential use.


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