For over 40 years, this Garage has been run by three Brothers – George, Peter and John and previously Mr Elliott Senior,  who passed away over 20 years ago.  The family has been keeping our vehicles on the road and have even provided us with petrol and diesel, particularly appreciated when in the winter, at short notice and running a little bit short.  Additionally, those of us with older cars,  we have really appreciated the personal touch.  Many an evening you could see a range of vintage and classic cars being put up on the ramp, whether it is a old Rolls Royce or a Morris Minor.

Elliott’s is still fondly referred to as the ‘Old Smithy’ being an old blacksmiths, which was situated behind the old pond.  The family lived in Goffs Oak, educated at the local schools, so some of us know the family for many, many years.

All is not lost, the Business is being kept in the family with high expectations of Grandson Mark, to welcome us to the new site in Cadmore Lane, Cheshunt and perhaps if we are lucky, with a nice welcome with comfy seating facilities and a hot drink!

Seriously, the Elliott’s has played a significant role and a great service to Goffs Oak and will be greatly missed.  Goffs Oak Community Association would like to say a big thank you and wish you well on your move.

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