Northaw and Cuffley Residents Association has provided an update re odours in the local area.

“There were some very bad smells around in Cuffley earlier this week, and coming from the Cattlegate Farm direction.  We had all been warned of the muck spreading, and that is probably adding to the problem but the main smell was not the muck spreading, and had a sulphur type quality.

The very bad smell on this occasion resulted  from the period of very hot weather and no rain, leading to part of the plastic cover on the lagoon at Cattlegate Farm coming apart, and an excess build-up of gas being released into the atmosphere. (Hence the sulphur type smell like rotten eggs or stink bombs.)

The good news is that a temporary repair was made, and engineers will now be attending to make a permanent repair. The smell was almost eliminated after the temporary repair, hence not much smell if any today (Friday).

The result of the heat has created far more gas from the lagoon than normal – clearly more than the liner could cope with – and I understand that it was stretching up and moving about in the wind – so then came apart in one place!

Cattlegate Farm are also therefore installing a second output pipe line. Good news for the farm as they will get more useable and valuable gas, which in turn produces more electricity. Howard at Cattlegate  wished to apologies for the problem and assure everyone that it was dealt with as soon as possible”.

Thank you Northaw and Cuffley Residents Association for letting us know! 

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