See below for details of the Planning Applications for up to 877 dwellings on green belt land in and around Goffs Oak. For more details go to the Broxbourne website , click on the planning application search which is listed on the right hand side lower box.


07/17/0864/O Demolition of existing buildings and construction of up to 360 dwellings [use class C3] including affordable homes, family housing and ‘retirement village’, retail unit up to 500sqm [use class A1], associated open space, drainage features, vehicular, pedestrian and cycle accesses and ancillary infrastructure and ground works – Tudor Nurseries, Burton Lane, Cheshunt, Herts, EN7 6SH
07/18/0027/O Outline Planning application for the demolition of buildings and provision of up to 17 residential custom-build plots – Springfield and Westgate Nurseries, Crouch Lane, Goffs Oak



Description of Development Author
07/17/0352/O Demolition of existing buildings at Garry Ross Farm and development of a mixed use scheme to include a new linear park and comprising up to 380 dwelliings, 64 bed care home, local centre comprising up to 604 sqm of A1, A2, A3, A4, A5 and D1/D2 uses and associated ancillary facilities, a primary school, improved recreational, leisure and sporting facilities and associated open space, landscaping and car parking provision as well as private and communal amenity space – Land North and South of Andrews Lane and South of Peakes Way, Cheshunt, Herts, EN7

07/17/1267/O Outline application for up to 60 dwellings including associated access – Langdons & Ballymour, Andrews Lane and Land Between Andrews Lane and Burton Lane, Goffs Oak, Herts, EN7 6SP



Head of Planning and Development

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