You can find the Goffs Oak Community Library in the heart of our village. The library is a go-to destination not just for books, magazines, internet usage and printing, but for all – young and old to come together for a cup of tea, a jigsaw, to read the paper or a chat.

Did you know that the library has been run by volunteers since 2017? Here they are introducing themselves and their work:

Goffs Oak Community Library

If you would like to become more involved, in the first instance – pop in to have a chat with one of the volunteers. Then just leave your contact details so one of the Committee can be in touch to discuss further.

In March 2020 the volunteers won a BoB (Borough of Broxbourne) award. Well done everyone.

For Library details, click on the link below:-

3 thoughts on “Goffs Oak Community Library -due to reopen – awaiting details

  1. My son and I love our library – for me, owning a library card is being part of our community.

    Why do we love it so much?
    • The children book corner expansive and varied. My kid has its own library card, so we can reserve books that he wants (Gruffalo, anyone?) and get email notifications once it’s available
    • All the volunteers generously giving their time to help, guide and answer questions are lovely
    • As it’s part of the Hertfordshire libraries, you can book and reserve books from other libraries
    • The volunteers keep thinking about how to make it more accessible to everyone with coffee mornings, book clubs etc – maybe a baby group next?

    Love your work!
    Cathrin & Noah

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