Littering is a concern in Goffs Oak and around the borough of Broxbourne. Aside from being unsightly, enviro-crime, like littering and fly-tipping, has a significant negative impact on both the environment as well as our community as it can lead to the perception of an unsafe area, in turn, lead to more serious crime.

Our local councillor for Goffs Oak, Cllr. Mark Mills-Bishop, leads on fly-tipping for the Local Government Association and is supported in his efforts by a group of environmental enforcement officers, known as “The Field Force” actively work to deal with this type of low-level anti-social behaviour.

What can I do?

One of the ways in which you can get involved is by becoming WasteAware.

If you’re a private household or a local business, WasteAware – a partnership of Hertfordshire’s county, district and borough councils – provides tips and info to help you dispose of your waste responsibly.  For more information on the S.C.R.A.P. campaign go to or follow @hertswasteaware on Twitter.


One thought on “Keep our village clean

  1. I heard the recent litter pick in Goffs Oak was very sucessful. There was lots of help from Broxbourne Council too. Thanks everyone. Now we just need to sort out some of the ditches like down Newgatestreet Road and Crouch Lane. I do believe that some of the ditches run into streams that runs into Rags Brook.

    Let’s protect and look after our village and local area and of course our rural lanes. How many registered rural lanes are left in Goffs Oak?

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